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ISO9001・ISO14001 Certification(Assessment and registration)

As a network device supplier in the IT age, FXC conducts business activities related to product planning, development design, manufacturing consignment, sales and maintenance.

We will strive to "improve quality" and increase customer satisfaction. Also, recognizing that global environment preservation is a common issue for all human beings, we will develop business activities that take into account "quality improvement" and "protection of the global environment" in all aspects of our corporate activities.

With the acquisition of certification, All of our employees will work together to further pursue customer satisfaction.

Quality Control and Environmental Initiatives

Certification date May 21, 2007
Certification number ISO9001:Q1145
The scope of registration Development and design of network related equipment, outsourcing of production and after-sales service
Certified business FXC Inc.
registered office 1-3-14-9F,Komagata,Taito-ku,Tokyo 111-0043 Japan
Nippon Express Shimura Logistics Center 3F,1-15-1,Shimura Itabashi-ku,Tokyo 174-0056 Japan
Certifying agency ASR Co. , Ltd.
  • ISO9001 Registration card
  • ISO14001 Registration card

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