WDM+OTN(LightEdge series)

200G+OTN (LightEdge series)

  • LE200M
    Compact 1U size and 200G transport capacity, provides the muxponder/transponder solutions
  • LE100AD
    Ultra-small ADM Box Generating 200Gbps Bandwidth despite the 1U Size

100G+OTN (LightEdge series)

  • LE115T
    100GbE media converter
  • LE100T
    100-gigabit extender/100-gigabit media converter
    Bidirectional communication through the 2-core optical fibe
  • LE100GM
    10G/40G/100G multirate and multiprotocol Muxponder
    Bi-directionally through 1-core optical fiber


WDM (LightEdge series)

  • LightEdge4800
    GbE/10GbE Mixed is possible
  • LightEdge4020
    10G maximum, Up to 4 ch can be multiplexed WDM uni
    (1-core/bi-directional communication)

Optical Amplifier Device

  • LightEdge4321
    Booster-AMP unit
    (1-core/bi-directional communication)


  • LightEdge4716
    DWDM 16ch Mux/Demux unit
    (1-core/bi-directional communication)

Video Transmission Device

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