LEX1841 series

  • LEX1841-1F RJ45 to SFP MC
  • LEX1841-20A RJ45 to 30KM SMF(SC)@1310nm MC
  • LEX1841-20B RJ45 to 30KM SMF(SC)@1550nm MC
  • LEX1841-40A RJ45 to 40KM SMF(SC)@1310nm MC
  • LEX1841-40B RJ45 to 40KM SMF(SC)@1550nm MC
  • LEX1841-60A RJ45 to 60KM SMF(SC)@1310nm MC
  • LEX1841-60B RJ45 to 60KM SMF(SC)@1550nm MC

DIP switch realizing various functions.Supports construction of various optical networks

Ultrasmall LightEdge® Xchange1000 Series is a business card size media converter that can be installed anywhere.
Has high resistance to noise and supports long-distance communication. Optimum solutions are provided for construction of a wide variety of optical networks not only for companies but also for buildings, factories, dams, expressways, and railroads.
Functions can be selected with the DIP switches so that it can be used in the construction of a wide variety of networks.
With improved product lifetime and high reliability, it can be designed for safe use.
Equipped with various functions.




LEX1841-20A/20B, -40A/40B, -60A/60B

LEX1841-20A/20B, -40A/40B, -60A/60B

  • LEX1841-1F(SFPタイプ)
  • LEX1841-20A/20B(1芯タイプ), -40A/40B(1芯タイプ), -60A/60B(1芯タイプ)


  • Media converter (LEX184X Series) for converting 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX to 100BASE-FX/SFP (MMF/SMF/single-core/dual-core).
  • The RJ port is an auto-negotiation port. Equipped with the MDI/MDI-X auto-setting function.
  • The DIP switches enable manual speed/half duplex/full duplex/auto-negotiation setting.
  • The DIP switches enable selection for auto MDI/MDI-X or manual ForceMDI/MDI-X setting.
  • The DIP switches enable manual setting for OFF/ON of LFP (Link Fault Pass-through).
  • LED display on the front panel.
  • Equipped with advanced ECO mode (the DIP switches enable OFF/ON setting).
  • Equipped with flooding mode (the DIP switches enable MAC learning OFF/ON setting).
  • Supports jumbo frames (maximum 10240 bytes).
  • Tag frame/QinQ double-tagged frame/EAP/BPDU transparent.
  • Includes various types of attachable options:Compact AC adapter, magnet, rubber foot, cabinet fitting, binding band for preventing disconnection, and various screws.
  • Ultra-compact size(50 mm (W) x 74 mm (D) x 20 mm (H) excluding projections.)
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 55°C.
  • Uses ceramic capacitor.


Models LEX1841-1F LEX1841-20A/20B LEX1841-40A/40B
Standards IEEE802.3、IEEE802.3u
Transmission speed 10/100Mbps(CSMA/CD)
Ethernet Ports 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX × 1ports(MDI/MDI-X auto switch)
Duplex: Full/Half
Auto Negotiation: Supported
Fiber ports Transceiver 100BASE-X x1port 100BASE-FX x1port 100BASE-FX x1port
SFP SMF 30km SC connector 1poles SMF 40km SC connector 1poles
Wavelength depend on SFP 1310nm(20A)
Output depend on SFP -9~-3dBm -8~± 0dBm
Receiving sensitivity depend on SFP -31~±0dBm -34~±0dBm
Communication function link fault pass through(LFP) (Default:OFF)
Transmission mode Switching mode
Maximum frame size 10,240byte
Rated input voltage/frequency
AC power
AC90~240V 50/60Hz
Rated input voltage
DC power
Maximum input current 2.0A
Maximum power consumption 3.0W
Maximum calorific value 2.58kcal/h
User Environmental Operating Temperature/Humidity 0℃~55℃/0%~95%
(no condensation)
Storage Temperature/Humidity -25℃~70℃/0%~95%
(no condensation)
Dimensions 50mm(W) ×74mm(D) ×20mm(H)
without detachable parts
Physical specification Maximum 120g
(without AC adapter)
Electrical Approvals Electromagnetic Interference VCCI class A
Reliability 605,722h(25℃、without SFP) 435,792h(25℃)
Accessories AC adapter supports PSE、 magnet, rubber foot covers、 product warranty、 Adapter cable falling prevention banding band、 PD Panel mounting bracket、 rack mounting screws

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