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2005/12/1 PhotoniXnet Corporation merged into FXC Inc.

With effect from December 1 2005, PhotoniXnet Corporation (PXN) will be part of FXC Inc.(FXC).

FXC, a pure Japanese company offering multiple networking solutions, having layer2 and layer3 switches as their main product, announced today about its complete acquisition of PXN.

As a result of the merger, PXN`s entire product line shall be offered under the changed brand name of FXC. However, product quality, guarantee, maintenance and support shall continue and will be maintained as before.

Since FXC offers a broad range of layer 2 and layer 3 products, have strong distributing agents relationships and a wide multi-region customer base, the combined company shall address a broader portfolio of Service Providers, Enterprises, Telecom Carriers and Business Units with a much comprehensive combined solution set.

FXC Inc. Global & Strategic Business Department
10-16, 6F, Nihonbashi Tomizawa-chou, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 103-0006
Tel: 03-5645-5715 Fax: 03-5645-5716 email: pxn@fxc.jp

[ CWDM LightEdge series ]


SMC Product Total Distributing Agent Contract Concluded

We concluded SMC-Brand product total distributing agent contract with SMC Network Co., Ltd. We will be able to distribute not only our FXC network peripherals, but also SMC network enterprise network peripherals for better network solutions for our customers.

SMC product guarantee and the support that SMC has been providing will be transitioned to FXC, and FXC will offer the same support and services to SMC users. For SMC product related questions, please contact the numbers below.

*For Purchasing Our Products
FXC Inc. Sales Department

TEL: 03-5645-5715 (Weekdays 9:00-12:00/13:00-17:00 JST) FAX: 03-5645-5716
e-mail: sales@fxc.jp

*For Product Technical Support
FXC Inc. Support Center

TEL: 03-3664-1492(Weekdays 9:00-12:00/13:00-17:00 JST) FAX: 03-5645-5716
e-mail: support@fxc.jp
TEL & FAX numbers for the sales department and the support center has not been changed since SMC Networks.

If you have SMC products and need to contact us, please contact the numbers for FXC support center above.

2005/4/18 Subsidiary in China, "FXC China Co., Ltd." Established

FXC Inc. Established FXC China (FXC China Co., Ltd.) in Shanghai in China in 2005/4/18 for selling our products. FXC Inc. has been selling our products in China via China local agency, but due to the expanding demand of network peripherals and to expand our product sales in China, we established our own subsidiary company in China.

[ FXC China Co., Ltd. Homepage ]

2005/2/22 Micro MPEG4 Recorder/Player Unit [FXC-PV300 Series] Released

FXC-PV300 series, which has been manufactured in Japan, is a micro MPEG4 recorder/player unit. Although it small, it can achieve full motion movie recoding of 30 frame/min, which can be built into various applications for cameras in a car, small video cameras, or advertisement players for shops.

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